Elder Law

Law Office of Lynda Hinkle’s Elder Law Department serves the legal needs of anyone anticipating the mental or physical decline that often accompanies our later years.

Elder Law

Elder Law includes preparation for the health care and estate needs that arise as we age. Our Elder Law attorneys provide legal counsel for clients (and their families) seeking they security the richly deserve in their twilight years.

Elder Law complements Estate Planning because prudent stewardship of assets is especially important as we age. Our Elder Law attorneys advise clients with regards to the following:


In a perfect world there’s a plan in place for end of life care including any medical treatments issues that arise. But life’s not always perfect and catastrophic illness or debilitating injury can happen unexpectedly to anyone. In these cases, a court-supervised guardianship arrangements protects the clients (and his/her estate.) Our Elder Law Team is experienced in such matters.

Advanced Directives, Health-care Proxy, Durable Powers of Attorney

With more people living well past their 60s, novel legal issues arise specifically dealing with aging. Our Elder Law Team will prepare the proper documents to ensure our clients’ ability to control  his/her own medical- or end-of-life care decisions.

Elder Abuse

Our experienced Elder Law Team knows the signs of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. We’ll take the necessary steps to ensure the legal, healthcare, and financial rights of elder clients.

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