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Moving Your Parents to an Assisted Living Facility

Dementia – 5 Reasons to Attain Guardianship of Your Elderly Parent

Unforunately, as parents age, the chances of them acquiring a degenerative mental illness increases. Dementia is only one of the possible age related ailments that your parent may fall victim to, and it’sRead More…


Military Custody

Military custody can be a complicated issue. Consider that the most challenging part of most divorces and separations is working out custody and parenting time. In the case of a military orRead More…


Southern New Jersey’s Economic Transformation Offers Development Opportunities for the Courageous and Connected

As former Chairman of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, I’ve seen our economic growth patterns first hand and how they are impacting out everyday lives. We’ve heard for years that theRead More…


Protecting Your Business from Divorce

If you’re a business owner facing divorce, the thought of protecting your business from divorce can only add to the stress that you’re already going through. Unlike most property or personal assets,Read More…


10 Terms You Need To Know If You’re Going Through a Military Divorce

10 Terms You Need To Know If You’re Going Through a Military Divorce Military families live under unique circumstances. These circumstances lead to many complications during divorce, not the least of whichRead More…


Ashley Madison, Adultery and Family Law

Ashley Madison sounds like an innocuous name, but when 30 million of its clients’ information were leaked recently, it became clear to the world that what it stands for is adultery.   Immediately,Read More…