When you don’t want to litigate, but you need assistance coming to consensus. No nonsense mediation: Lynda Hinkle, Esq. is an attorney with experience in these fields so can reasonably assess what might be fair compromises and help you to come to an agreement. No unnecessary additional meetings if the mediation is not progressing successfully – but tenacious efforts to solve the problems while the parties are respectfully agreeing to make the effort.

The process: Call for a free initial consult with both parties to 856-227-7888. If you are an attorney looking to mediate with your client and the other side, the initial meeting will be with the attorneys. For your convenience, mediation will take place via Zoom and we do offer a variety of hours outside regular business hours if needed for a small additional charge.

The courts grow ever more challenging to navigate in the post-pandemic world. Let’s cut through the unnecessary time, money and effort and get you to fairness faster.

New Jersey only: all custody, divorce, contested adoption, and estate litigation matters.