Many of our clients will say “I will never get married again!” as they go through a difficult divorce. But many of them do, and sometimes quickly after their divorce is finalized. The world woke today to the news that Kanye West may have remarried, two months after his controversial and complicated divorce with Kim Kardashian. After being fired by scores of divorce attorneys and publicly threatening the man his ex-wife was dating, he’s pretty much been the poster child for Divorce Don’t’s and he is continuing this reputation.

The fact is, it is okay to fall in love again and get married again. But if you’re dating fresh after a hard divorce, consider the following:

  1. Be cautious how and how quickly you introduce new relationships to your children. Not only can this be emotionally damaging to children, it also can create more unneeded conflict with a co-parent that will motivate them to be more intractable in co-parenting. It can hurt your custody rights ultimately, particularly if your new paramour has any legal issues, a history with child protective services, or is too aggressive in inserting themselves into your parenting in a negative way.
  2. If you decide to cohabitate, have a cohabitation agreement. You think you will have no legal troubles if you don’t get married, but a cohabitation can also be tricky in terms of removing the person if they don’t want to go when you want them to or commingled assets. Also better yet, don’t commingle assets! or debts!
  3. If you decide to remarry, get a prenup! It’s important to protect yourself from any difficulties in the next divorce, if there is going to be one.
  4. Make sure if you remarry that you have redone your estate plan (or do it!) to take into consideration new and old familial bonds.

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