Immigration Law

At the Law Offices of Lynda Hinkle, it’s our job to bring families together from around the world to live, work, and love in the United States. When dealing with immigration, it’s important to have a team who is familiar with your type of matter.

From our experiences, we have found that many of our clients retain our services after they have worked with an existing firm, regarding their matter.

Immigration law is different than other areas of practice, because you don’t necessarily have to be an attorney to fill out basic immigration forms and paperwork.

With over 10 years of experience in immigration law, it’s our job to make sure that whatever your issue is, that your case is managed and handled in the proper fashion. We have a professional team that you can hire who has the knowledge and understanding of what the matter is and how it works.

We are fluent in Spanish!

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Family related immigration petition
Naturalize & Green cards
Sponsorship of spouse, sibling, parent
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