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funeral arrangements

Who Has the Right to Make Your Funeral Arrangements?

In New Jersey you’re allowed to name an individual to make your funeral arrangements. This “funeral agent” does not have to be the executor of your will, nor do they have toRead More…

Stewart Airport military housing

Where to File for Military Divorce?

It’s one of the most important questions to those service men and women facing the end of a marriage: where to file for military divorce? As a servicemember or the spouse of a servicemember,Read More…


Military Divorce Basic Training: 10/10 Rule

The Client is an active serviceman. He sits across the table from his attorney in full uniform. As a discussion of the potential course of his impending divorce develops, eventually the subjectRead More…

Military and prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial Agreements and the Military

  Prenuptial Agreements and the Military It’s a fact. Divorces in the military reached a new high in 2011.  The strains of military deployment on a marriage are a unique and tragicRead More…